FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: object/subject WHERE: Kit and Ace, 1802 McMillan Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 WHEN: April 16, 2016, 8PM-10PM CONTACT: Leah Constantine, Stephen Petrey, Zac Travis Adhoc is pleased to share object/subject: a one night exhibition of new media with Kit and Ace as part of their Art Night series. Within their Dallas location for …

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Video Cube H Driver, flat screen monitor video sculpture, 2015  (1)

Sensorial Evaluations: Henry Driver

Henry Driver is a digital artist whose works allow viewers to immerse themselves in a complete sensorial evaluation of the visual and audible world of art. Through video art, Driver can explore concepts of glitch, refraction, and layering to pursue the expansion of new information from visual experiences. All aspects of display are applied to …

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Absurdity In Pieces: Trey Wright

Trey Wright is a photographer and director living and working in Dallas, TX. His work explores beauty, consumption and popular culture. His colorful work has lent itself to clients from Adweek, Bloomberg Businessweek, Refinery29, Nowness to Kate Spade Saturday, Fruit of the Loom, Stella McCartney and many more. I sat down with Trey to discuss his work, process and what he is currently …

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Striped Napkins, 2014 (1)

The Object Landscape: Nick Albertson

Through a practice of photography, video and sculpture, Nick Albertson reinvestigates the usefulness factor of existing objects and re-inserts new meaning into them. Albertson’s work strips utilitarian objects, such as paper clips, paper cups and rubber bands of their intended functionality. Albertson then examines the tension that exists between the inherent uniformity of these mass-produced …

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isiCelo / PETITION  mixed media tapestry painting, sculpture installation 2012

Culture, Tradition & Media: Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya (Akirash)

Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya, also known as Akirash, is a Nigerian born artist whose passion for cultural interaction carries him around the world, but he currently calls Austin, Texas home. Akirash is an interdisciplinary artist working with various media like painting, video, sculpture, textiles and performance. His works exist as moments, documenting his relationship with various …

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Translating Media: Anne Vieux

Anne Vieux is an artist working in Brooklyn, New York. Her digital paintings capture a unique relationship between depth of illusion and the flatness of the picture plane. Her abstract imagery is translated through various media, including painting, video, and bookworks. Her work experiments with optics and challenges traditional notions of painting. The metaphor of …

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Curating a Constant Communication: Jenny Sharaf

Jenny Sharaf is an artist currently working in San Fransisco, California. Though she identifies herself as a painter, her work represents various media such as video, collage and painting that all find communication with each other. Jenny also practices curating exhibitions where she engages with the art world and finds the opportunity to share local working artists. …

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