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Art Happenings May 12-14

From Texas to New York, we’ve got you covered in art happenings you must see this weekend. Events, openings, and conferences are all available to study narratives contributing to the development of contemporary art. Integrated media and creatives that are challenging the status quo are always important in expanding the culture of art and the …

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Obscured Iconography: Josh Alan

Josh Alan uses his work as a platform for communication by transforming images from media and opening up opportunities for reconstructed dialogue. Using hands-on approaches to photography, painting, and ultimately collage, Alan addresses social and political issues relevant to audiences today that might challenge mainstream viewpoints of history. Unlike appropriation, Alan wants his mastery to …

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Transformations, Refractions and Artifacts: Matthew Koons

In geometry, a translation is a term that describes moving an object without changing its qualities. Matthew Koons’ refractions commit to a sort of mathematical narrative. The magic of geometry has been studied by mankind for a few thousand years, and nonetheless it continues to be a source for discovery in mathematics and the arts alike. Koons’ artwork is the …

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Time Bandits, Smoke and Mirrors: Irby Pace

Irby Pace is an artist living in Troy, Alabama, where he currently teaches Photography at Troy University. His work has been featured in Wired Magazine, the Huffington Post, and the Dallas Observer. His work harnesses the nostalgic and sits at the crossroads of the void and “[…] the gap between thoughts.” Irby Pace’s work in …

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Portraying Identity in Bold Humor: Preston Bradley

Preston Bradley is a printmaker teaching and receiving his MFA at University of North Texas. His work inspires dialogue between identity and occupation in a raw visual platform using printmaking to create its unique mark. The use of vibrant colors and expressive lines gives Preston, a typically introverted person, the opportunity to communicate with a bold voice …

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Adhoc - Untitled - Chase Kahn

American Distillation And Breaking Convention: Chase Kahn

Chase Kahn is currently studying Photography as well as Communication Design. Inspired by filmmakers such as David Lynch and Hitchcock, his work concentrates on allegorical narrative and the domestic through mixed media and found materials. We sat down with Chase to discuss his work under the series titled as “Who Wants You to Live Forever?”. After …

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