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Woven Channels of Artistic Heritage: Meg Lipke

Meg Lipke is a third-generation artist based in New York. She identifies as a painter, but her recent work in a show at Freight and Volume challenges the idea of painting as a two-dimensional medium. She challenges structural limits of material by allowing soft objects and textiles to exist as sculpture. Her process of creation …

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Visual Pun: Roula Partheniou

Roula Partheniou is a Canadian artist currently living and working in Toronto. Her works explore visual puns created through sculpture based installations. Her experiments with these familiar objects challenge logic through strategic use of repetition and duplication in color and form. Together, these works capture hyper-real aesthetics that deconstruct traditional representations of objects. Viewers are …

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Folklore in Translation: Peggy Wauters

Peggy Wauters is a Belgian artist whose multimedia works represent cultural narratives collected from events, social structures, and memories. She captures human nature in images and form that are translated across all cultures. Characters depicted in her works are composed of various aspects of history, involving the personal, shared, and strange inspired by mystic folklore. …

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Material Integrity: Lisa Perez

Lisa Perez is a sculptural painter who uses materials like canvas, wood, and paper to give structural integrity to media. By applying dimensionality to her media, she engages the viewer in an expansive experience by directly commanding perceptual attention and spatial concerns. The works may be minimal in media, but the density of information is …

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This Lemon is Not Yellow: Jeroen Nelemans

Jeroen Nelemans, born in the Netherlands, currently resides in Chicago. Nelemans is interested in the construct of a digital image. In order to access a new set of contemporary notions related to sight and seeing, he dissects the image as a physical entity. Nelemans has shown at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, the …

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Striped Napkins, 2014 (1)

The Object Landscape: Nick Albertson

Through a practice of photography, video and sculpture, Nick Albertson reinvestigates the usefulness factor of existing objects and re-inserts new meaning into them. Albertson’s work strips utilitarian objects, such as paper clips, paper cups and rubber bands of their intended functionality. Albertson then examines the tension that exists between the inherent uniformity of these mass-produced …

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isiCelo / PETITION  mixed media tapestry painting, sculpture installation 2012

Culture, Tradition & Media: Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya (Akirash)

Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya, also known as Akirash, is a Nigerian born artist whose passion for cultural interaction carries him around the world, but he currently calls Austin, Texas home. Akirash is an interdisciplinary artist working with various media like painting, video, sculpture, textiles and performance. His works exist as moments, documenting his relationship with various …

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Encountering the Invisible Presence: Keith Lemley

Keith Lemley is a sculpture artist whose work focuses on creating an informative relationship between object and space and challenges the physicality of material presence. Many of his works are made up of opposing forces of ephemeral light and structural woodblocks that unite in a metaphorical existence of natural systems. His background in science and …

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10 Artists You Can’t Miss at Dallas Art Fair 2015

The Dallas Art Fair is back for another installment of grandiose art celebrations, exchanging big hair for big wallets. Over 90 galleries and art dealers have confirmed their place at the fair, each one making sure their presence is more prominent than the next, though everyone in the end works together for the love of …

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Transformations, Refractions and Artifacts: Matthew Koons

In geometry, a translation is a term that describes moving an object without changing its qualities. Matthew Koons’ refractions commit to a sort of mathematical narrative. The magic of geometry has been studied by mankind for a few thousand years, and nonetheless it continues to be a source for discovery in mathematics and the arts alike. Koons’ artwork is the …

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