Experiments in Media Relationships: Jon Vogt

Jon Vogt is a multimedia artist whose work manifests in the realm between digital and physical. He recently completed his MFA in printmaking at University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Vogt’s works are influenced by the effects of experimentation and digitization through color, pattern, and repetition. His use of varying media reveals the unique …

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Transformations, Refractions and Artifacts: Matthew Koons

In geometry, a translation is a term that describes moving an object without changing its qualities. Matthew Koons’ refractions commit to a sort of mathematical narrative. The magic of geometry has been studied by mankind for a few thousand years, and nonetheless it continues to be a source for discovery in mathematics and the arts alike. Koons’ artwork is the …

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Challenging Impropriety in Nostalgic Forms: Annavittoria Conner

Annavittoria Conner is a print artist studying studio art at the University of North Texas. Her work is engaging in that it embodies nostalgic cartoon forms inspired from her childhood, juxtaposed in portrayals of mature themes of sexuality and identity and bringing to light what is often misunderstood. My visit with Annavittoria allowed me the …

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Portraying Identity in Bold Humor: Preston Bradley

Preston Bradley is a printmaker teaching and receiving his MFA at University of North Texas. His work inspires dialogue between identity and occupation in a raw visual platform using printmaking to create its unique mark. The use of vibrant colors and expressive lines gives Preston, a typically introverted person, the opportunity to communicate with a bold voice …

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The Imaginative, Strangeness and the New Immediacy: Joshua Banks

Joshua Banks is an artist living in Denton, Texas who studied printmaking at the University of North Texas. His work has been featured in shows such as the 500x College Expo exhibition, Incense and Peppermints Grand Opening, among other group shows around North Texas. He is the Vice President of the Printmaking Association of North …

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