Elements of Creation: Preston Pannek

Preston Pannek is a multidisciplinary artist whose works reflect the movements of his life such as his passion for music and expression of creativity through unique material. Pannek is a self-taught artist emerging from the vast Dallas Arts scene that has inspired him to dedicate himself to the arts. The passion for his works is …

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jeniffer nerhbass header

Decorative Informations of Identity: Jennifer Nehrbass

Jennifer Nehrbass takes unique command of images and identities portrayed through media and applies them to her own narratives. Elements like textiles, color, and design provide the context for much of the visual information of her work. She applies a visceral relationship with images through using collage to inspire her large-scale paintings that reflect manipulation …

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Curating a Constant Communication: Jenny Sharaf

Jenny Sharaf is an artist currently working in San Fransisco, California. Though she identifies herself as a painter, her work represents various media such as video, collage and painting that all find communication with each other. Jenny also practices curating exhibitions where she¬†engages¬†with the art world and finds the opportunity to share local working artists. …

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