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Folklore in Translation: Peggy Wauters

Peggy Wauters is a Belgian artist whose multimedia works represent cultural narratives collected from events, social structures, and memories. She captures human nature in images and form that are translated across all cultures. Characters depicted in her works are composed of various aspects of history, involving the personal, shared, and strange inspired by mystic folklore. …

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Common Relationships: Raul Dotto

Raul Dotto‘s works activate viewers in a space through reflecting common relationships between object and subject. His materials are minimal in design, yet are informative to the viewer of the space they are within. Dotto’s focus is on art as an experience, activating objects beyond their objectivity. Elements of dimensionality and technology reflect familiar relationships …

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SLATES: Francisco Moreno at Erin Cluley Gallery

Artist Francisco Moreno has made a name for himself in the Dallas arts scene with popular projects such as Painting Debt and WDC Project. A Texas based artist represented by Erin Cluley Gallery, Moreno’s work has been celebrated nationally in various galleries in New York, Vermont, Texas, and Puerto Rico, and he has recently received …

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Conversations Between Elements and Space: Lynne Harlow

Lynne Harlow‘s works exist only when a space exists. Her works expand on the physical architecture of the space they are in, defining both the negative and positive. The creative process of reduction challenges Harlow to ask “How little is enough?” Instead of an unnecessary addition of objects, Harlow allows for the audience to become …

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Experiments in Media Relationships: Jon Vogt

Jon Vogt is a multimedia artist whose work manifests in the realm between digital and physical. He recently completed his MFA in printmaking at University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Vogt’s works are influenced by the effects of experimentation and digitization through color, pattern, and repetition. His use of varying media reveals the unique …

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Translating Media: Anne Vieux

Anne Vieux is an artist working in Brooklyn, New York. Her digital paintings capture a unique relationship between depth of illusion and the flatness of the picture plane. Her abstract imagery is translated through various media, including painting, video, and bookworks. Her work experiments with optics and challenges traditional notions of painting. The metaphor of …

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