Encountering the Invisible Presence: Keith Lemley

Keith Lemley is a sculpture artist whose work focuses on creating an informative relationship between object and space and challenges the physicality of material presence. Many of his works are made up of opposing forces of ephemeral light and structural woodblocks that unite in a metaphorical existence of natural systems. His background in science and …

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10 Artists You Can’t Miss at Dallas Art Fair 2015

The Dallas Art Fair is back for another installment of grandiose art celebrations, exchanging big hair for big wallets. Over 90 galleries and art dealers have confirmed their place at the fair, each one making sure their presence is more prominent than the next, though everyone in the end works together for the love of …

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Curating a Constant Communication: Jenny Sharaf

Jenny Sharaf is an artist currently working in San Fransisco, California. Though she identifies herself as a painter, her work represents various media such as video, collage and painting that all find communication with each other. Jenny also practices curating exhibitions where she engages with the art world and finds the opportunity to share local working artists. …

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Investigating the Living Condition: Ricardo Ruiz

Ricardo Ruiz is a studying artist at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. His work explores the rhythms of various media to express a unique aesthetic achieved from observing the artist’s relationship with the gestures of creation. Much of his work focuses on a subject’s visage to represent the many aspects of the living condition. You can …

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Shapes, Gradients, and Abstractions: Sean Phetsarath

Sean Phetsarath is a painter located in Denton, Texas. He studied Drawing and Painting at the University of North Texas and currently works at Circuit 12 Contemporary in Dallas. His work reflects a unique and humorous voice in abstract form using acrylic and airbrush to create a vibrant aesthetic that brings dimensionality to a flat …

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Time Bandits, Smoke and Mirrors: Irby Pace

Irby Pace is an artist living in Troy, Alabama, where he currently teaches Photography at Troy University. His work has been featured in Wired Magazine, the Huffington Post, and the Dallas Observer. His work harnesses the nostalgic and sits at the crossroads of the void and “[…] the gap between thoughts.” Irby Pace’s work in …

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Adhoc - Untitled - Chase Kahn

American Distillation And Breaking Convention: Chase Kahn

Chase Kahn is currently studying Photography as well as Communication Design. Inspired by filmmakers such as David Lynch and Hitchcock, his work concentrates on allegorical narrative and the domestic through mixed media and found materials. We sat down with Chase to discuss his work under the series titled as “Who Wants You to Live Forever?”. After …

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Adhoc - Confection #9

Lost and Found Re-appropriations: Chance Dunlap

Chance Dunlap is a sculpture artist currently teaching at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and is represented by local Dallas gallery Ro2 Art. His work reflects his rural upbringing through the use of raw and innovative materials he often encountered as a child in Lubbock, Texas. Many of his sculptures engage with the viewer, encouraging unique …

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