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Visual Pun: Roula Partheniou

Roula Partheniou is a Canadian artist currently living and working in Toronto. Her works explore visual puns created through sculpture based installations. Her experiments with these familiar objects challenge logic through strategic use of repetition and duplication in color and form. Together, these works capture hyper-real aesthetics that deconstruct traditional representations of objects. Viewers are …

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Viral Narrative: James Hoff

James Hoff is a New York based artist whose self-taught practice is reflective of the digital advancement in the arts and the influences of his creative environments. Inspired primarily through his exposure to artists’ books and the non-profit art world, Hoff found his calling in using these books as a way to learn from and …

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Common Relationships: Raul Dotto

Raul Dotto‘s works activate viewers in a space through reflecting common relationships between object and subject. His materials are minimal in design, yet are informative to the viewer of the space they are within. Dotto’s focus is on art as an experience, activating objects beyond their objectivity. Elements of dimensionality and technology reflect familiar relationships …

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Material Integrity: Lisa Perez

Lisa Perez is a sculptural painter who uses materials like canvas, wood, and paper to give structural integrity to media. By applying dimensionality to her media, she engages the viewer in an expansive experience by directly commanding perceptual attention and spatial concerns. The works may be minimal in media, but the density of information is …

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Conversations Between Elements and Space: Lynne Harlow

Lynne Harlow‘s works exist only when a space exists. Her works expand on the physical architecture of the space they are in, defining both the negative and positive. The creative process of reduction challenges Harlow to ask “How little is enough?” Instead of an unnecessary addition of objects, Harlow allows for the audience to become …

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isiCelo / PETITION  mixed media tapestry painting, sculpture installation 2012

Culture, Tradition & Media: Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya (Akirash)

Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya, also known as Akirash, is a Nigerian born artist whose passion for cultural interaction carries him around the world, but he currently calls Austin, Texas home. Akirash is an interdisciplinary artist working with various media like painting, video, sculpture, textiles and performance. His works exist as moments, documenting his relationship with various …

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Curating a Constant Communication: Jenny Sharaf

Jenny Sharaf is an artist currently working in San Fransisco, California. Though she identifies herself as a painter, her work represents various media such as video, collage and painting that all find communication with each other. Jenny also practices curating exhibitions where she¬†engages¬†with the art world and finds the opportunity to share local working artists. …

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