FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: object/subject WHERE: Kit and Ace, 1802 McMillan Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 WHEN: April 16, 2016, 8PM-10PM CONTACT: Leah Constantine, Stephen Petrey, Zac Travis Adhoc is pleased to share object/subject: a one night exhibition of new media with Kit and Ace as part of their Art Night series. Within their Dallas location for …

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Viral Narrative: James Hoff

James Hoff is a New York based artist whose self-taught practice is reflective of the digital advancement in the arts and the influences of his creative environments. Inspired primarily through his exposure to artists’ books and the non-profit art world, Hoff found his calling in using these books as a way to learn from and …

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Video Cube H Driver, flat screen monitor video sculpture, 2015  (1)

Sensorial Evaluations: Henry Driver

Henry Driver is a digital artist whose works allow viewers to immerse themselves in a complete sensorial evaluation of the visual and audible world of art. Through video art, Driver can explore concepts of glitch, refraction, and layering to pursue the expansion of new information from visual experiences. All aspects of display are applied to …

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This Lemon is Not Yellow: Jeroen Nelemans

Jeroen Nelemans, born in the Netherlands, currently resides in Chicago. Nelemans is interested in the construct of a digital image. In order to access a new set of contemporary notions related to sight and seeing, he dissects the image as a physical entity. Nelemans has shown at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, the …

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The Expansion of Digitalism and the New Reality

Whether we’ve admitted to it or not, we live in an extremely digital world. As you read this, I am able to communicate with you digitally. It is an expansion ubiquitous to technological advances and our enhanced lifestyles. So what does this term “digitalism” mean for the art world? Today, it means a change. Art …

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Experiments in Media Relationships: Jon Vogt

Jon Vogt is a multimedia artist whose work manifests in the realm between digital and physical. He recently completed his MFA in printmaking at University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Vogt’s works are influenced by the effects of experimentation and digitization through color, pattern, and repetition. His use of varying media reveals the unique …

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Translating Media: Anne Vieux

Anne Vieux is an artist working in Brooklyn, New York. Her digital paintings capture a unique relationship between depth of illusion and the flatness of the picture plane. Her abstract imagery is translated through various media, including painting, video, and bookworks. Her work experiments with optics and challenges traditional notions of painting. The metaphor of …

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Time Bandits, Smoke and Mirrors: Irby Pace

Irby Pace is an artist living in Troy, Alabama, where he currently teaches Photography at Troy University. His work has been featured in Wired Magazine, the Huffington Post, and the Dallas Observer. His work harnesses the nostalgic and sits at the crossroads of the void and “[…] the gap between thoughts.” Irby Pace’s work in …

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The New Construct—Digital Experiments: Brandon Nichols

Brandon Nichols is a contemporary artist interested in examining the artifacts of consumer culture, creating studio stills to convey conceptual ideas, and exploring the intricacies of perception and memory and their relationship to digital photography. He received his BFA in Photography at The University of North Texas in December 2011. Currently he lives and works …

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