Artist Discourse: Laurie Simmons

Laurie Simmons is an American artist based out of New York known for her accomplished photographic series and other practices in film that have brought many of her famous images to life. She is a recognized member of the Picture’s Generation, developing a critical dialogue on topics such as identity, politics, and stereotypes that are …

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Dismantling An Existing Syntax: Aaron Hegert

“My work has many sub-plots and tangential stories, but one thing that remains constant is an attempt to look through photography, but also at it. I am more interested in themes of subversion and appropriation than I am of metanarratives or innovation (a word which increasingly seems to mean new ways of maintaining the status …

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10 Artists You Can’t Miss at Dallas Art Fair 2015

The Dallas Art Fair is back for another installment of grandiose art celebrations, exchanging big hair for big wallets. Over 90 galleries and art dealers have confirmed their place at the fair, each one making sure their presence is more prominent than the next, though everyone in the end works together for the love of …

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Translating Media: Anne Vieux

Anne Vieux is an artist working in Brooklyn, New York. Her digital paintings capture a unique relationship between depth of illusion and the flatness of the picture plane. Her abstract imagery is translated through various media, including painting, video, and bookworks. Her work experiments with optics and challenges traditional notions of painting. The metaphor of …

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Revisiting Mechanical Reproduction: Osang Gwon

Besides being a prominent figure in contemporary art in Seoul, Korea — Osang Gwon is credited with coining the term deodorant type, to describe the combination of photography and sculpture. A chimera of creation, it is a 2D representation on a 3-dimensional surface. The exact opposite of what an illustration is defined as. Examining Walter …

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Curating a Constant Communication: Jenny Sharaf

Jenny Sharaf is an artist currently working in San Fransisco, California. Though she identifies herself as a painter, her work represents various media such as video, collage and painting that all find communication with each other. Jenny also practices curating exhibitions where she engages with the art world and finds the opportunity to share local working artists. …

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Exploring Plasticity of Form: Sloane Solley

Sloane Solley is an artist currently living, working, and receiving her MFA in New York, NY. After graduating in 2012 at the University of North Texas with a BFA in Painting and Drawing, Shana has developed a fairly large, cohesive body of work, based around the investigation of the plasticity of form, the documentation of which, …

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Investigating the Living Condition: Ricardo Ruiz

Ricardo Ruiz is a studying artist at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. His work explores the rhythms of various media to express a unique aesthetic achieved from observing the artist’s relationship with the gestures of creation. Much of his work focuses on a subject’s visage to represent the many aspects of the living condition. You can …

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Shapes, Gradients, and Abstractions: Sean Phetsarath

Sean Phetsarath is a painter located in Denton, Texas. He studied Drawing and Painting at the University of North Texas and currently works at Circuit 12 Contemporary in Dallas. His work reflects a unique and humorous voice in abstract form using acrylic and airbrush to create a vibrant aesthetic that brings dimensionality to a flat …

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Challenging Impropriety in Nostalgic Forms: Annavittoria Conner

Annavittoria Conner is a print artist studying studio art at the University of North Texas. Her work is engaging in that it embodies nostalgic cartoon forms inspired from her childhood, juxtaposed in portrayals of mature themes of sexuality and identity and bringing to light what is often misunderstood. My visit with Annavittoria allowed me the …

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Portraying Identity in Bold Humor: Preston Bradley

Preston Bradley is a printmaker teaching and receiving his MFA at University of North Texas. His work inspires dialogue between identity and occupation in a raw visual platform using printmaking to create its unique mark. The use of vibrant colors and expressive lines gives Preston, a typically introverted person, the opportunity to communicate with a bold voice …

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