Don’t Miss This! Art Happenings July 10-15

Don’t be the one without plans this weekend. You can’t miss these events, not when they are this good. Enjoy the art world this summer and all it has to offer you, and make some rad art connections along the way! We’ve got you all covered from London to Brooklyn and even Oakland. Whether your …

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Transformations, Refractions and Artifacts: Matthew Koons

In geometry, a translation is a term that describes moving an object without changing its qualities. Matthew Koons’ refractions commit to a sort of mathematical narrative. The magic of geometry has been studied by mankind for a few thousand years, and nonetheless it continues to be a source for discovery in mathematics and the arts alike. Koons’ artwork is the …

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Translating Media: Anne Vieux

Anne Vieux is an artist working in Brooklyn, New York. Her digital paintings capture a unique relationship between depth of illusion and the flatness of the picture plane. Her abstract imagery is translated through various media, including painting, video, and bookworks. Her work experiments with optics and challenges traditional notions of painting. The metaphor of …

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Adhoc - Erin Riley

Dismantling Sexting, Weaving a New Perspective: Erin Riley

Erin Riley is a visual artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in Massachusetts, she attended university at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Later, attending the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia for her MFA, where she currently resides. Shortly after, she began traveling, and exhibiting her works around the globe. Her works …

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Adhoc - LilKool

Finding Dotty, Exploring the Kool World of LilKool

The talented and passionate Josh Maupin — also known as, LilKool took some time out of his schedule to discuss what he’s been up to around the world. Josh has been busy crafting up prints, paintings, shirts and other rad products you can buy here. Recently, he came down to Dallas and teamed up with the boys at ATAMA …

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