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POP Austin Illuminates City in Second Year Takeover

For this year of light, Illumination has inspired the 2015 POP Austin Art Fair and will be bringing many unique opportunities to experiencing and collecting art. POP Austin exploded into the art scene in 2014, bringing together both renowned and emerging contemporary artists in a landscape that celebrates their works in an educational and communal setting. From October 22 – 25, Illumination will be featuring an array of light based artworks from media such as neon, LED, hologram, projection, and more in honor of this year of light. As usual, the show will take place at Fair Market in downtown Austin and will feature works by artists from around the world including, but not limited to James Turrell, NONOTAK, Hans Kotter, Todd Sanders, and many more, including some local ATX artists. In addition to the show at Fair Market, ticketholders are invited to experience even more art at the 2015 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix from artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Orlinski, and many others. Art lovers and the general public are encouraged to experience this unique opportunity to engage with their contemporaries in an exciting setting that inspires conversations between audiences and artists.

Beginning in 2014, POP Austin is the creative child of enthusiasts Steve and Lana Carlson, emerging from their love for art and their passion to share it. The two met serendipitously over coffee like all good things do in Paris while Steve was working on a film project and Lana was working with the Rodin Exhibition. The two instantly bonded over their love for art and began a unique journey that has lead them here as co-founders of POP Austin. To Steve and Lana, Austin is more than just a city – it’s a creative capitol.



NANOTAK Illumination


Art fairs are sweeping the nation in what have been celebrated as the most exclusive and important events in art events, drawing audiences such as celebrities, collectors, students, and enthusiasts alike. So what makes POP Austin stand out from the millions of other art fairs that take place all over the world? The challenge is to stand out and focus on how this particular art fair can attract the unique audience of collectors and enthusiasts. The goal of POP Austin is to be different by breaking the typical art fair barriers that would dictate and separate art and artists into niches. As curator, Lana takes on a huge task of facing this challenge by gathering works that communicate with purpose and can dwell in one cohesive landscape without contradicting any other work in the show and without being exclusive. Artworks aren’t featured by gallery and aren’t separated by representation. Instead, audiences can experience artworks in an informative and engaging setting that allows the works to share a narrative despite their formal, historical, or geographical differences.

This year POP Austin is partnering with Circuit of The Americas to host an additional satellite show for all ticket holders at the 2015 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix amidst the weekend races. The satellite show will reflect similar works seen at the 2014 POP Austin show, but on a smaller scale. Audiences will have the pleasure of viewing renowned works by artists like Andy Warhol, Richard Orlinski, Shane Guffogg, Desire Obtain Cherish, and more, amidst works by local contemporary artists as well. Be sure to visit both locations to experience the excitement of Illumination in its full effect!


Lori Hersberger
Lori Hersberger Illumination
Adela Andea
Adela Andea Illumination


In addition to Illumination is an event that will engage audiences in a global discussion with some of the featured artists of POP Austin. On Friday, October 23, 5-7PM, POP Austin International Art Show in association with Art Alliance Austin presents POPTALKS — a discussion with artist from the 2015 “Illumination” exhibit. This event is open to the public and will take place at The North Door.



POP Austin will merge art and lifestyle in its annual three day interactive art show, October 23-25, selling art from renowned contemporary artists around the world. The event will focus on the traditional art collector as well as aspiring art professionals and enthusiasts. For more information, visit POP Austin’s website and read the 2015 press release.

Illumination will take place October 23-25, with a VIP event taking place October 22. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets here!


NONOTAK Illumination
Jeongmoon Choi Illumination
Hans Kotter Illumination
Hans Kotter Illumination

Last modified: October 22, 2015