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Art Happenings October 6-11

The art world has officially kicked off its season of crazy events and new exhibitions. Summer closures have turned into new exhibitions in our favorite galleries, inspiring conversations between artists and audiences. But as the exhibitions begin to change, so does the weather as we begin our annual trek into the beautiful chill of fall. …

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Why You Should Attend the 2015 NY Art Book Fair

It’s no secret that New York has one of the most celebrated art scenes, well, anywhere. Galleries upon galleries have contributed to the scene, scraping up emerging artists out of studios and onto their walls. So it’s hardly surprising that an event in New York involving these creatives and others internationally celebrated would be such …

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Patent Drawing No. 2 copy

SLATES: Francisco Moreno at Erin Cluley Gallery

Artist Francisco Moreno has made a name for himself in the Dallas arts scene with popular projects such as Painting Debt and WDC Project. A Texas based artist represented by Erin Cluley Gallery, Moreno’s work has been celebrated nationally in various galleries in New York, Vermont, Texas, and Puerto Rico, and he has recently received …

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This Lemon is Not Yellow: Jeroen Nelemans

Jeroen Nelemans, born in the Netherlands, currently resides in Chicago. Nelemans is interested in the construct of a digital image. In order to access a new set of contemporary notions related to sight and seeing, he dissects the image as a physical entity. Nelemans has shown at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, the …

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Absurdity In Pieces: Trey Wright

Trey Wright is a photographer and director living and working in Dallas, TX. His work explores beauty, consumption and popular culture. His colorful work has lent itself to clients from Adweek, Bloomberg Businessweek, Refinery29, Nowness to Kate Spade Saturday, Fruit of the Loom, Stella McCartney and many more. I sat down with Trey to discuss his work, process and what he is currently …

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Untitled from Memento Series_ Jaime Alvarez

Young Latino Artists 20: WITHIN REACH

Latino, Chicano, Hispanic, or any other term associated with Americans of Latin American and Spanish origin engages a polarizing discussion of identity within the contemporary art world. Never to suggest a right or wrong in a situation of self, terms that define personal heritage are often misconstrued with stereotypes perpetuated by popular culture. Whether these …

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Theatrical Plain: LuCiana Ja’vonne

LuCiana (Ja’vonne) Miles is just as abstract as her work suggests. Her paintings exist as a unique representation of her self as she leaves marks of expression on the plane. LuCiana spent her academic career studying theater and its influences can be observed in her artistic language. The gestures of her painting are theatrical in …

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Striped Napkins, 2014 (1)

The Object Landscape: Nick Albertson

Through a practice of photography, video and sculpture, Nick Albertson reinvestigates the usefulness factor of existing objects and re-inserts new meaning into them. Albertson’s work strips utilitarian objects, such as paper clips, paper cups and rubber bands of their intended functionality. Albertson then examines the tension that exists between the inherent uniformity of these mass-produced …

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Art Happenings July 22 – August 1

There are many events coming up soon that explore the depths of painting and technology and celebrate practices from artists all over. Our goal is to share these artists with you in the hopes that you are able to find a connection and interest through their use of visual language. We cherish the relationships we’ve …

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The Expansion of Digitalism and the New Reality

Whether we’ve admitted to it or not, we live in an extremely digital world. As you read this, I am able to communicate with you digitally. It is an expansion ubiquitous to technological advances and our enhanced lifestyles. So what does this term “digitalism” mean for the art world? Today, it means a change. Art …

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