Our 10 Favorite Exhibitions of 2015

As the year comes to an end, many of us think back on our fondest memories. For us, many of those memories were made seeing some of our favorite art shows. Some of these shows presented works by our favorite artists and others presented new artists that quickly become favorites. Through the year we’ve met …

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New Photography: Humble Arts Foundation

We live in a new age where accessibility to ideas and information is easier than ever. Jon Feinstein and Amani Olu play part in this accessibility through the sharing of new photography and contemporary artists. Known as the Humble Arts Foundation, Feinstein and Olu support and promote the development of new photography through digital exhibitions, …

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wauters header

Folklore in Translation: Peggy Wauters

Peggy Wauters is a Belgian artist whose multimedia works represent cultural narratives collected from events, social structures, and memories. She captures human nature in images and form that are translated across all cultures. Characters depicted in her works are composed of various aspects of history, involving the personal, shared, and strange inspired by mystic folklore. …

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Common Relationships: Raul Dotto

Raul Dotto‘s works activate viewers in a space through reflecting common relationships between object and subject. His materials are minimal in design, yet are informative to the viewer of the space they are within. Dotto’s focus is on art as an experience, activating objects beyond their objectivity. Elements of dimensionality and technology reflect familiar relationships …

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Elements of Creation: Preston Pannek

Preston Pannek is a multidisciplinary artist whose works reflect the movements of his life such as his passion for music and expression of creativity through unique material. Pannek is a self-taught artist emerging from the vast Dallas Arts scene that has inspired him to dedicate himself to the arts. The passion for his works is …

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Decorative Informations of Identity: Jennifer Nehrbass

Jennifer Nehrbass takes unique command of images and identities portrayed through media and applies them to her own narratives. Elements like textiles, color, and design provide the context for much of the visual information of her work. She applies a visceral relationship with images through using collage to inspire her large-scale paintings that reflect manipulation …

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perez header

Material Integrity: Lisa Perez

Lisa Perez is a sculptural painter who uses materials like canvas, wood, and paper to give structural integrity to media. By applying dimensionality to her media, she engages the viewer in an expansive experience by directly commanding perceptual attention and spatial concerns. The works may be minimal in media, but the density of information is …

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Frazier, Landscape of The Body (Epilepsy Test), 2011

Go Forth Where?

The 2012 Whitney Biennial featured LaToya Ruby Frazier’s response to Wieden + Kennedy’s 2010 “Go Forth” ad campaign for Levi’s jeans. The films and posters attempt to persuade our American youths to take up the pioneering standards of our forefathers with luscious views of derelict pastorals, voiceovers of canonized poetry, and slogans veiled as maxims like, …

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Visual Complexities: Parinya Champ

Parinya Champ is an artist and source-field researcher from Manhattan and based in Los Angeles. His current project is an online zine and gallery titled ART HOUSE, a project to inform the public about impending Cosmic Disclosure. He is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, Studio Arts Department and studies fields of Unified …

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Obscured Iconography: Josh Alan

Josh Alan uses his work as a platform for communication by transforming images from media and opening up opportunities for reconstructed dialogue. Using hands-on approaches to photography, painting, and ultimately collage, Alan addresses social and political issues relevant to audiences today that might challenge mainstream viewpoints of history. Unlike appropriation, Alan wants his mastery to …

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Photo by Nick Simonite

POP Austin Illuminates City in Second Year Takeover

For this year of light, Illumination has inspired the 2015 POP Austin Art Fair and will be bringing many unique opportunities to experiencing and collecting art. POP Austin exploded into the art scene in 2014, bringing together both renowned and emerging contemporary artists in a landscape that celebrates their works in an educational and communal …

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