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WHERE: Kit and Ace, 1802 McMillan Ave, Dallas, TX 75206
WHEN: April 16, 2016, 8PM-10PM
CONTACT: Leah Constantine, Stephen Petrey, Zac Travis

Adhoc is pleased to share object/subject: a one night exhibition of new media with Kit and Ace as part of their Art Night series. Within their Dallas location for one night only, artists share a unique visual experience that immerses subjects in an exploration of object perception and experience. The focus will be on new media art and the artists that are developing the evolving perception of subject-object connectedness. Our goal is to involve viewers in critical interactions of advanced methods of object perception so that they can explore the the influences of new media.

Adhoc has collected work from artists Paho Mann, Spencer Brown-Pearn, Olivia Brown, and Julie Libersat that will be on view for one night only. Kit and Ace will feature work by artists Tom Currie and Chetley Cade.

We founded Adhoc for art. Established in 2014, our goal was and will always be to celebrate contemporary art and artists. Through interviews, editorials, news and exhibitions, we are cataloging stories and displaying works so that these may be preserved for future relationships. To read more, visit us at

Adhoc is an online contemporary art database, documenting and sharing artists through interviews, editorials and exhibitions.

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Last modified: March 31, 2016