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Don’t Miss This! Art Happenings July 10-15

Don’t be the one without plans this weekend. You can’t miss these events, not when they are this good. Enjoy the art world this summer and all it has to offer you, and make some rad art connections along the way!

We’ve got you all covered from London to Brooklyn and even Oakland. Whether your into books, zines, or just wanting to gallery hop the weekend away, these events will surely keep you busy. There are great opportunities to collect unique art books all weekend in Brooklyn hosted by Blonde Art Books, and really, what’s better than blondes and art books? Dallas has a chance for you to get to know its best galleries in the city, and London’s White Cube is transforming its space with two new exhibitions. Be sure to see these new works and old works and works that make humorous references to Horace Miner.

Get some rest and charge your phone, because you have a lot to do this weekend.



Bushwick Art Book and Zine Fair – BABZ FAIR 2015

Created by Blonde Art Books and hosted at SIGNAL in Brooklyn, BABZ FAIR 2015 is perfect for the aspiring to the professional art collector. Get to know New York based publications like Small Editions, COCAINE, Peradam and many more and see work featured by their talented artists.
The fair begins July 10 and runs through July 12. A full schedule of events can be seen here.




Melissa Kretschmer / Russell Maltz: Plywood

This two-person exhibition at MINUS SPACE in Brooklyn will feature new works by artists Melissa Kretschmer and Russell Maltz engineered entirely from plywood, using characteristics of the material to shape unique aesthetics in the collection.
The exhibition is on view July 11 – August 15 with an opening reception July 11 at 6PM.

Russell Maltz S.P. / SCR-17 #115 DayGlo enamel on three plywood plates suspended from a steel post bracket 2015




Featuring new works from Michael Arcega, Johansson Projects in Oakland plays host to his innovative installations that represent artifacts from the Nacirema people. Before going to see ESPYLACOPA, I would recommend reading Horace Miner’s 1956 essay Body Ritual Among the Nacirema. Anyone interested in humor, art, and anthropological studies shouldn’t miss this show!
This exhibition is on view July 11 – August 22 with a reception July 11 at 1PM and artist talk at 1:30PM.

Michael Arcega Installation view of Espylacopa



Dallas Gallery Day

Dallas, Texas, does many things big, contemporary art galleries being one of them. Dallas Gallery Day takes you on a grand tour of some of its best gallery spaces; 30 to be exact. Spend the day getting to know your local gallerists and the art that defines Dallas while also beating the heat. Also, the first 25 people at each gallery stop get a gift bag which includes official Gallery Day goodies.




Imi Knoebel & Marc Quinn at White Cube

White Cube in London will exhibit two great artists in their North and South galleries. The North Gallery will feature new and existing paintings and sculpture by Imi Knoebel, as well as works made especially for the unique ‘9 x 9 x 9’ space in the gallery.
South Gallery will feature new works by Marc Quinn. Quinn submits photography in contradicting gestures of creation taken from degraded images of beaches and seascapes.
Both of these shows open July 15 and will be on view through September 13.

Imi Knoebel Mennigebild 17/33  2011
Imi Knoebel Mennigebild 17/33 2011
Marc Quinn The Toxic Sublime Spray paint, aeronautical grade aluminium tape and acrylic on canvas, bonded to torqued aluminium 2015
Marc Quinn The Toxic Sublime spray paint, aeronautical grade aluminium tape and acrylic on canvas, bonded to torqued aluminium 2015



Be sure to make it out to these locations this weekend, and if you can’t, follow @adhoc_is for updates that you might have missed. Also, subscribe to our newsletter for more information regarding monthly events!

If you have any upcoming art shows you’d like the public to know about, feel free to contact our curator and we will consider it for publication in another news publication.

Last modified: July 7, 2015