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Material Integrity: Lisa Perez

Lisa Perez is a sculptural painter who uses materials like canvas, wood, and paper to give structural integrity to media. By applying dimensionality to her media, she engages the viewer in an expansive experience by directly commanding perceptual attention and spatial concerns. The works may be minimal in media, but the density of information is …

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Visual Complexities: Parinya Champ

Parinya Champ is an artist and source-field researcher from Manhattan and based in Los Angeles. His current project is an online zine and gallery titled ART HOUSE, a project to inform the public about impending Cosmic Disclosure. He is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, Studio Arts Department and studies fields of Unified …

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Obscured Iconography: Josh Alan

Josh Alan uses his work as a platform for communication by transforming images from media and opening up opportunities for reconstructed dialogue. Using hands-on approaches to photography, painting, and ultimately collage, Alan addresses social and political issues relevant to audiences today that might challenge mainstream viewpoints of history. Unlike appropriation, Alan wants his mastery to …

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Activating Language In Media Communication: Lindsay Buchman

Lindsay Buchman is an interdisciplinary artist whose works of various media explore how language is activated through communication. Her work keeps her active in both LA and Philadelphia due to a fellowship, academia, and exhibitions between the two. Working primarily with paper with printmaking influences, Buchman examines disintegration captured by memory, experience, structure, and language. …

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This Lemon is Not Yellow: Jeroen Nelemans

Jeroen Nelemans, born in the Netherlands, currently resides in Chicago. Nelemans is interested in the construct of a digital image. In order to access a new set of contemporary notions related to sight and seeing, he dissects the image as a physical entity. Nelemans has shown at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, the …

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Absurdity In Pieces: Trey Wright

Trey Wright is a photographer and director living and working in Dallas, TX. His work explores beauty, consumption and popular culture. His colorful work has lent itself to clients from Adweek, Bloomberg Businessweek, Refinery29, Nowness to Kate Spade Saturday, Fruit of the Loom, Stella McCartney and many more. I sat down with Trey to discuss his work, process and what he is currently …

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Theatrical Plain: LuCiana Ja’vonne

LuCiana (Ja’vonne) Miles is just as abstract as her work suggests. Her paintings exist as a unique representation of her self as she leaves marks of expression on the plane. LuCiana spent her academic career studying theater and its influences can be observed in her artistic language. The gestures of her painting are theatrical in …

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Striped Napkins, 2014 (1)

The Object Landscape: Nick Albertson

Through a practice of photography, video and sculpture, Nick Albertson reinvestigates the usefulness factor of existing objects and re-inserts new meaning into them. Albertson’s work strips utilitarian objects, such as paper clips, paper cups and rubber bands of their intended functionality. Albertson then examines the tension that exists between the inherent uniformity of these mass-produced …

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Conversations Between Elements and Space: Lynne Harlow

Lynne Harlow‘s works exist only when a space exists. Her works expand on the physical architecture of the space they are in, defining both the negative and positive. The creative process of reduction challenges Harlow to ask “How little is enough?” Instead of an unnecessary addition of objects, Harlow allows for the audience to become …

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